Acquainted With The Night Analysis Essay

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“I have outwalked the furthest city light” from “Acquainted With the Night” shows that the character has covered a lot of ground and is very far away from the lights that once surrounded him.And the author says, “I have looked down the saddest city lane” right after walking the furthest city lights means that he has been through this road before. The poem also describes his loneliness as he walks the isolated streets.

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The narrator describes his loneliness as he walks the isolated city streets at night.

He has walked beyond the city limits and along every city lane, but has never found anything to comfort him in his depression.

Frost makes his point very contradictory but it could also mean that the author is trying to express the feelings of the character when he says, “the darkest evening.

” His character may be going through some very hard times which has made him depressed and very low.

The most crucial element of his depression is his complete isolation.

Frost emphasizes this by using the first-person term “I” at the beginning of seven of the lines.When we first read the poem, it looks like an ordinary poem but once we go in depth and understand the meaning, it becomes so much more.Both of the poem has a very dark, gloomy and lonely setting with a really mysterious tone.Even when he makes contact with another person (such as the watchman), the narrator is unwilling to express his feelings because he knows that no one will understand him.At one point he hears a cry from a nearby street, but realizes that it is not meant for him; no one is waiting for him.In terms of rhyme scheme, Frost uses the “terza rima” ("third rhyme") pattern of ABA CDC DAD AA, which is exceptionally difficult to write in English.This poem is commonly understood to be a description of the narrator’s experiences with depression.It seems as if the narrator’s depression could be from the recent past because of the phrase: “I have been…” However, the verb tense also suggests that his depression could still be a constant, if unseen, force.With that in mind, it is unclear whether the narrator will truly be able to come back to society or if his depression will resurface and force him to be, once again, acquainted with the night.There are different metaphors used in each poem to symbolize death; “Sleep” in “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening” and “Night” in “Acquainted with the Night.” The characters in the two poem are both in a journey and has come to a point where they are unwilling to go any further and find about how their future is going to be.


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