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Many students see A-level business studies as a formal, strict subject, however business studies is more like a fun, informative subject that bridges the science and art gap nicely.If you like the idea of managerial aspects of a job or working for yourself, then perhaps taking an A-level in business studies is a good idea.

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An AS-level business studies qualification is looked on favourably when applying for careers and universities as it shows you have a basic level of business understanding.The modules are normally structured on a term basis, with examinations taking place in January and June of each year.If you should fail to pass a module, there are opportunities to re-take the exam, with the exam papers being marked by an external examiner.Paper 2 Exam content - One compulsory case study consisting of approximately seven questions.A-Level assessment (All subject content 1-10 above is assessed) Papers 1-3: · Written exams: 2 hours each · 100 marks in total for each one · 33.3% of A-level for each paper Paper 1 Exam content - Three compulsory sections: · Section A has 15 multiple choice questions (MCQs) worth 15 marks.I know everything is expensive so I will cut 33% off if you get this bundle. Taking A-level business studies is a great thing to do if you have aspirations of one day becoming self-employed or in a managerial position.In particular it helps students to: Although not an entry requirement, this course is particularly suitable for students who have studied GCSE Business Studies as this specification builds on the concepts and skills they have already learned. Decision making to improve human resource performance 7. · Section C has two data response stimuli with questions worth approximately 25 marks. Decision making to improve marketing performance 4. It looks at why they exist, how they are set up and how they are run. Business combines with any other arts or science subjects but in particular Maths, English, Government and Politics, Psychology, and Sociology complement the subject well. A good grade in Business at A level can enable you to go on study at any university or go into the wold of work. Decision making to improve financial performance 6. · Section B has short answer questions worth approximately 20 marks. The new AS and A-level in Business are now stand alone qualifications, therefore marks gained at AS do not contribute to the final grade at A-level. Business offers students the opportunity to study different types of businesses in different industries. Decision making to improve operational performance 5. Managing strategic change AS assessment (Subject content 1-6 above only) Paper 1 and Paper 2: · Written exam: 1 hour 30 minutes · 80 marks in total · Each paper is worth 50% of AS Paper 1 Exam content - Three compulsory sections: · Section A has 10 multiple choice questions (MCQs) worth 10 marks.


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