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3 Paragraph Essay Columbian Exchange-80
Many which were different and from different regions of the world that had never been transported before.

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The Columbian Exchange era began in 1492 when Christopher Columbus settled to the new land which was later called America.

America's resources are the reason for the success that Europe had from the Columbian Exchange. The downfall that was brought with the Columbian Exchange was the fast spread of disease though the New Worlds. Europeans introduced the written alphabet to the natives during the Columbian exchange to improve trade. New weapons and firearms were also introduced to the Natives during the Columbian Exchange. The Americas and Europe both played a significant role in the Columbian Exchange which lasted from 1492-1750.

Although this would seem on the exterior harmless enough, this transaction of disease would wreak havoc on the Native population, as they had no form of immunity against the diseases to the likes of smallpox, etc.

Because of the introduction of these diseases, whole flourishing civilizations were wiped out.

But through "The Columbian Exchange" for example, the potato that had not been grown outside South America became Ireland's main staple by the 1800's.

The horse which was an import from Europe changed the Great Plains and the lifestyle of Native Americans, before the horse they had had to stalk bison and run them off cliffs or trap them.

With the beginning of the Columbian exchange as well, there existed a fundamental change in the way that the indigenous ...

The Columbian Exchange The Columbian exchange began one of the largest exchanges of many different varieties of food, animals and disease.

What made this seemingly harmless western outreach so important in the influence of further history is the truly global scale that the exchange took place.

For example, one of the primary "items" that was exchanged, albeit harmlessly, was the European diseases that came with the explorers to the New Land.


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