2011 Sat Essay

2011 Sat Essay-13
SAT Writing has undergone some noticeable changes since the test's redesign in early 2016.

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For those of you who are interested in a summary of big-picture changes, here it is: the current SAT is a lot more like the ACT in that it tests more skills considered relevant to college success and relies less on trying to trick you.

Got more questions about how the current and old SATs differ from one another?

Note: Go to this article instead if you're looking for historical percentiles for the new SAT (tests taken March 2016 and later).

Percentile scores reveal how well you did in relation to other people.In terms of content, you'll still see vocab questions, but these are more focused on medium-level vocab words and your ability to figure out their meanings in context.In addition, you need to be able to identify specific areas in passages you found your answers in.Though the SAT Math section has changed the least of all SAT sections, it still looks quite different now than it used to before the redesign.Here are the major differences between the current SAT Math section and the old SAT Math section: use a calculator).If you're familiar with the old SAT, here's what you must know to do well on the current version of the SAT.In this article, I'll summarize the largest, must-know changes of the SAT.The biggest change to be aware of, though, is that SAT Reading is now entirely passage-based.All questions, even vocabulary ones, are based on passages, so it's imperative to have a solid passage-reading strategy to use on test day.Perhaps the biggest change most students know about is the score range: on the old SAT the max score was 2400, but on the current SAT the max score is just 1600.Finally, there is no longer a score penalty for incorrect answers on the SAT.


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